New Spa Furniture Catalog Released

New Spa Furniture Catalog Released

Valentino Beauty Pure & Whale Spa

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If you haven't heard by now Valentino Beauty Pure and Whale Spa have teamed up to bring you top of the line products for your salon, spa, or beauty school. Valentino Beauty Pure offers our top of the line nail dust collectors and Whale Spa offers only the best quality in salon and spa furniture. Together we have integrated our Flush Mount XL system into a beautiful LUX Manicure table. Together we are now offering a full range of top-of-the-line salon and spa furniture products. We now offer everything from Technician Chairs to a full range of Spa Chairs.

Valentino Beauty Pure / Whale Spa

Some Valentino Beauty Pure Background

Valentino Beauty Pure was started over 5 years ago with a Father-Son combination and an idea. Over the past years Valentino Beauty Pure has proven to be the only choice for Nail Dust Collectors in the Nail Industry and has created the #DustFreeLife. David Anthony is the face of the company and runs all of his Social Media accounts interacting with as many Customers and Nail Technicians as possible. All of us here at Valentino Beauty Pure believe that personal customer service never gets old.

David Anthony - Valentino Beauty Pure

Some Whale Spa Background

Whale Spa has been striving towards this goal for more than 25 years. Our furniture and pedicure chairs are manufactured in our Los Angeles, CA facility as well as overseas to exacting quality standards. With an innovative design team, customer service that is second to none, and the capability to customize furniture and leather work, Whale Spa is able to satisfy all your salon furniture needs.

Set The Trend With Whale Spa / Valentino

2017 Catalog

The Whale Spa / Valentino 2017 Furniture Catalog is now available for digital download. Click on the image or the links at the bottom of this page to have your own personal digital copy!

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