What Is the Best Acrylic Nail Kit: From Beginners to Pros

What Is the Best Acrylic Nail Kit: From Beginners to Pros

Doing acrylic nails take a lot of skill and creativity, but there are different levels of skillfulness. In the same way that a home chef is different from a chef in a Michelin star restaurant, a beginner acrylic nail artist varies from a professional. Depending on your skill level you may need different tools than the other levels. The best thing to do is be honest with yourself about your current skills and where you aspire to be. 

Valentino Beauty Pure caters to all skill levels and makes a kit perfect for each one. Keep reading to learn what makes the best acrylic nail kit, how to know what your skill level is, and what kit is appropriate for you. 

What Makes the Best Acrylic Nail Kit?

The best acrylic kit is specific to each person. What is perfect for one, may not be for another. Behind it all is a kit that is full of quality products that make an easy one-stop-shop for all of your needs. Instead of having to look for all of the products individually, you can choose a kit that can take you from step one to the final step. 

The kits offered by Valentino Beauty Pure have some of the highest quality ingredients. The formulation also offers a flawless finish that makes your job easier. The colors are also true and pigmented so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Finally, the product is easy to work with, unlike some other acrylic powders and products. This results in a bubble-free finish with an even tone to elevate your nail designs. 

What Are the Key Components of an Acrylic Nail Kit?

Any good acrylic nail kit will have the essentials. First of all, you will need a dehydrator to remove the oils from the nail to create a fresh base for your acrylics to be applied. Second, you will need a bonder to bond the nail itself to the acrylic. 

Another key item is a nail liquid or monomer to create the acrylic itself. Once you have the nail created, you will need some basic acrylic powders including a flesh-toned color, white, and other pigmented powders. To seal it all in, you will need a high-quality gel polish top coat. 

Also, keep in mind that while these are the key components of an acrylic nail kit, you will still need to purchase other tools as well. Some of these tools include a basic nail file and buff, cuticle pusher, a manicure brush, and more depending on your level. 

Assessing Your Skill Level

Before you can decide which kit to purchase, you will need to assess your skill level. While you may be a very talented artist, you should always be honest with yourself about where you are in your acrylic nail artistry process. 

There are a few questions to get yourself started with your assessment. How often do you do acrylic nails? Where are you doing the acrylic nails? Do you have clients or are you doing them on yourself? What are your future goals with acrylic nails? And finally how much are you willing to invest in acrylic nails?


A beginner is someone who is just getting started out with nails. It is not necessarily based on time, but time can influence how much expertise you have been able to gain. A beginner typically does nails as a hobby or is just getting into learning how to complete the process of creating acrylic nails. Beginners also typically only do their nails at home or in a non-professional setting. 

A beginner may focus on doing the nails on themselves or close friends and family. Since this is a relatively new hobby for a beginner they may be unready to make a substantial financial investment into acrylic nail supplies. For these reasons, a beginner would want to choose the beginner acrylic nail kit. This will offer the basics and they can choose to purchase additional acrylic powders individually as needed. 

What Is the Best Beginner Acrylic Nail Kit?

For beginners, Valentino Beauty Pure offers the Acrylic System- The Beginner Kit. This kit is perfect for beginners and gives them all of the tools they will need to get started. The kit includes a nail liquid monomer, non-wipe top gel, and super bond primer for the base of the nail. 

As for the acrylic powders, it comes with the Bad N Boujee acrylic powder that is a light pink color. It also has the crystal clear acrylic powder and #135 Skin Tight pigment acrylic powder that is a sheer pink with glitter. All of these products combined are perfect for creating basic styles, especially a classic French tip design. 


The intermediate nail artist has the basics down and is moving on to more difficult techniques. They are perfecting the art. The intermediate artist probably does nails anywhere from three to seven times per week or has begun to master the technique when doing it fewer times. 

They may still be doing nails from home or have just recently begun working at a nail salon. The intermediate level may have some clients, work with friends and family, and still practice on themselves. Overall, they are slightly more advanced than the beginner, but not yet at pro status. 


A professional nail artist has been working in the field long enough to master their craft and create a personal style; they may even mentor other artists. A professional nail artist definitely has clients and has a professional license. 

A professional works in a salon or has an independent business. Due to the high level of professionalism, it would be very worth it to invest in a larger kit to offer their clients many options. As a professional, there is a larger need for more variety in a kit, so that is definitely something to be on the lookout for. 

In Summary

There are different levels of expertise when it comes to acrylic nails, but there is a place for everyone to participate. Creating nails is truly an art form and should be celebrated by investing in yourself, your passions, and your career. 

Choosing the right tools for the job is very important; this is why you should always choose the correct nail kit for you. Kits are also a great way to try out new products that you would not usually choose. This can force you to be creative and make the most out of your kit. If you don’t see a kit that works for you, you can always build your own kit

Overall, whether you choose the essentials, beginner, intermediate, or professional kit you will not be disappointed. 


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