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Made of stainless steel with mirror polishing finish resistant to rust, tarnish, or corrosion. The delicate exquisite craftsmanship and quality material makes the blade stay sharp for longer periods of time. The rainbow coated handle fits seamlessly in the palm. Soft and comfortable to grip, anti-slip, and effort-saving.

Our nail nipper is designed to easily cut nails of all sizes. Works perfectly on hard and thick nails, ingrown nails, tough cuticles, and assists in treatments of paronychia, onychomycosis, and other fungal nails.

Easy to handle with sharp corners for precision. Plastic tip included for safety.

Handle Size: Available in Standard or Wide

Material: Stainless Steel
Use: Finger and Toe
Application: Finger Nail, Toe Nail, and Cuticle
Type: Cuticle Clipper
Function: Cut ingrown nails, thick nails, and remove cuticle

Offer by Official Valentino Beauty Pure

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