Shipping Notice

Updated: 2021-12-08

Fulfillment Time: 5 - 8 Business Days

Shipment Time: 3 - 9 Business Days (Depending on courier and service)

Please note there will be expected fulfillment and shipping delays this holiday season. Valentino Beauty Pure is working diligently with all couriers to have the orders fulfilled and delivered on time however, there are several factors affecting shipment times this Holiday 2021 season. Due to the increased demand in E-Commerce couriers are receiving significantly larger order volumes, along with business closures, weather, and other service disruptions which all can be reasons for any shipment delays. Valentino Beauty Pure appreciates your patience, understanding, and support. Best wishes to all this holiday season!

Known Issues and Recommended Actions

FedEx – The following has been issued by FedEx regarding service delays and regulatory updates:

Please be sure to track your order regularly this holiday season. It is recommended to sign up for text message and email alerts with your tracking number to ensure you stay up to date regarding any delays and shipment status.

USPS – The following updates have been sent to Valentino Beauty Pure internally regarding this holiday season.
USPS First Class Mail Service – USPS First Class Mail will be converted to USPS Ground service automatically (This is a USPS policy for the holiday season). This means shipment times of 5 – 8 business days utilizing First Class service since it will now fall under the USPS Ground service. All packages under 1 pound are shipped via USPS First Class.

Tracking Issues – We have noticed slight tracking issues regarding USPS and their tracking system. Updates may not be supplied in real-time. It is recommended to sign up for any available text message and/or email updates with your USPS tracking number to stay informed of delays and other actions.

Implemented Solutions by Valentino Beauty Pure

Valentino Beauty Pure has initiated internal systems to ensure our customers are able to stay informed on their order.

Order Updates – These updates are emailed at the time of your order. If you utilize guest checkout you will only receive email and/or text message updates depending on your checkout option. It is recommended that you create a Valentino Beauty Pure account to stay more up to date with any future orders. You may sign up for an account here:

AfterShip App Solution – AfterShip is a powerful program we have implemented that may give more updates to your tracking number that what is provided by the courier. AfterShip allows for text message updates, email updates, and you may download the AfterShip app to get real-time notifications regarding your order and tracking number.
AfterShip in a web browser

iOs App:

Android App:

Customer Service Portal – The customer service portal allows you to easily track your order regardless if you have a Valentino Beauty Pure account or have utilized guest checkout. You may find this solution at the following link: