Brush and Tool Kit With Carrying Case


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Brush and Tool Case ergonomic design that allows you to carry and store  all your brushes and tools safely. The folding display feature to place on your work area allowing you a visual of all your brushes and tools.

Kit Includes:

  • Detailer Brush
  • Liner Brush - Short
  • Liner Brush - Long
  • One Stroke Brush - Small
  • One Stroke Brush - Medium
  • Flat Brush - Small
  • Flat Brush - Medium
  • Oval Brush
  • 3D Brush - Small
  • Shick Brush
  • Dotter Tool - Small
  • Dotter Tool - Medium
  • V Beauty Pure branded carrying case

Handle: Wooden

Valentino Beauty Pure - Brush and Tool Kit With Carrying Case

Offered by Official Valentino Beauty Pure