Valentino Beauty Pure GEN III S Filters (5" X 6") At the source capture filter for acrylic odor and nail dust

GEN III S Filters - 12 Pack (5" X 6")

Valentino Beauty Pure

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Custom micro carbon filters for the GEN III S (Current Model) Tabletop source capture system.

Valentino Beauty Pure MERV 8 Carbon Filters - Antimicrobial filters for nail dust collectors and source capture systems

  • MERV 8 Carbon Filter
  • Antimicrobial
  • Designed to fit Valentino Beauty Pure products ONLY
  • DOES NOT FIT: Current GEN 4, Original black and silver tabletop models (GEN, GEN II, GEN III), original Flush Mount, or Flush Mount XL

Offered By Official Valentino Beauty Pure

SKU: V-003-12

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