V DIAMOND GEL Nail Adhesive


  • Cure Time: 60 Seconds

  • Lasts Up To 3 Weeks

  • Viscosity: Extra Thick

  • 3D Embellishments

  • Shiny Tack-Free Finish

  • Size: 5ML

This is the nail art adhesive you've been waiting for! Trust us when we say - a little goes a longgggg way. Tack Free, High Gloss, Soak Off.

V DIAMOND GEL Adhesive is a resin adhesive that cures like a gel. Use it to create higher quality, longer lasting crystal manicures. Equally important, it allows you to offer faster professional crystal service.

Instructions: After proper application of your gel color or polish and before you apply a top coat, apply V DIAMOND GEL adhesive to the area where crystals are desired. Apply the crystals to the area and press down into the V DIAMOND GEL adhesive, creating a bed for the crystal. Cure for 60 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV, then apply topcoat around the crystal design (not on top of the crystals) and cure for the recommended time.



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