V Tips - Stiletto Nail Tips

V Tips - Stiletto Nail Tips


  • Easy Cutting & Shaping

  • Seamless Blend

  • Extreme Clarity

  • Straight Tip

The perfect nail tip doesn't exist--- just kidding, they do. Our V Tips - Stiletto Nail Tips are designed with a clear half coverage tip and have nice holding color without separating or streaking. Although these are stiletto tips, they can easily be cut into the coffin shape. They have perfect flexibility for easy cutting to ensure you can customize to your desired length. These square tips are perfect for beginners and pros, salon, DIYers, and are versatile enough to be used with acrylics or gels! With 10 different sizes that are pre-numbered - you're destined to find these tips easy to use.

Pieces: 504 Nail Tips (75C)

MATERIAL: (ABS) made out of plastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene a durable but flexible material that can be shaped into a smooth surface that resists yellowing



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